Social Responsibility

The Environment

Great importance is given to the environment. The resort has a trash collection, classification and recycling program. Income from the sale of recycled products goes to the collaborators.

Decorative lagoons throughout the Golf Course collect rain water and store it to be subsequently used to water the lawns.

As part of the project, thirty percent of the grounds have been set aside as a green area reserve.

Flora and Fauna

One of the Resort's norms is to take care of and respect the local flora and fauna. One of the activities that visitors may enjoy is bird watching. More than 150 species of endemic birds have been registered.


Trash is adequately handled at the Resort. Several products, such as glass, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum are collected, classified and recycled. The Recycling Committee has created awareness among the employees participating in classifying waste.

The Recycling Project, in its initial stage, is located in El Porvenir, a neighboring community. This program is coordinated with students of the Instituto Basico, and everything is coordinated by a person in the Supervised Professional Practice Program of the San Carlos de Guatemala University.

Forest Conservation

Native tree seeds are collected and planted in the reforestation areas to conserve the species.


There is a nursery where native tree seeds are reproduced. These trees include species such as: Chaperno, Aguacatío, Chapernío, Tempisque, and Oak.


The Health Project is in its initial stages at the Resort. There is a nurse and a medical team for primary care. The second stage consists of a medical clinic, a doctor, and permanent attention to clients, members, visitors and collaborators.

The population of El Porvenir has access to a medical clinic and a dental clinic attended by an EPS (Supervised Professional Practice) who provides medical care to all community members and to the collaborators. Special care is provided to El Porvenir's children who get free medical attention.

The community counts with the support of a Social Worker who is actively participating with the population in development programs. Her participation follows a plan to approach and sensitize the population. Preventive and curative health efforts, educational talks, community organization and a production mini-project are carried out with a group of women who make candles which are bought by the Hotel.


Field personnel who have not had the opportunity to go to school are taught Reading and Writing. It is a permanent program and classes are supported by the Ministry of Education through the National Literacy Campaign CONALFA. The land for the school was a donation to the Village El Porvenir and construction was endorsed. The second stage of the plan consists of building additional modules for classrooms and activity rooms, workshops, etc. A computer laboratory was built to house forty computers which will have Internet access. Equipment and furniture are being installed at this time.