Hotel Spa Guatemala

Relaxing massages

Our therapists combine several techniques to achieve total relaxation, acting on the points of stress or exhaustion located mainly on the back, trapezius muscle, erector spinae, feet, arms and other.

Candle massages

A real treasure for your skin, Candles "I'm Delicious" with aromas of exotic flowers provide antioxidants soy wax. This is used to give the massage, nourishing your skin and leaving it fully moisturized.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat of the massage stones and their correct position on the chakra, makes your energy flow freely. Ideal to get rid of fatigue and stress.


In massage therapy using different massage techniques for therapeutic purposes. Ideal for treating muscle spasms, sprains, spasms, psycho-somatic disorders and sports injuries among others.

Pregnancy Massage

Providing relaxation and wellbeing is our best gift for expectant mothers. Our massage helps to reduce the discomfort of spine, hip, circulation, tired legs and cellulite, typical of this stage. The massage can be performed from the fourth month of pregnancy and is recommended once a week.